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Welcome to Zadai’s Studio

We are wholesale suppliers for custom clear Lucite lamp bases and caps.

Check out “Our Custom Designs” page. We do so much more than acrylic!

Do you need high quality acrylic or wood lamp bases or vase caps? Do you need custom lamp bases or vase caps to restore cherished or heirloom lamps or to create a custom lamp using your own unique design? Or are you looking for unique lamps designed by Zadai’s Studio that would serve as the centerpiece of your work space or living space?

Zadai’s Studio is not only a wholesale supplier of custom clear lamp bases, and vase caps, but also specializes in designing custom lamps, or producing custom lamps based on your own design.  Call or email us with your wholesale or custom lamp bases and vase cap needs.

Our custom acrylic lamp bases and caps are carefully cut, sanded next from 80 grit up to 500 grit, then we meticulously polish them with a four step process to obtain a crystal clear finish. Choosing your preference of cord, color and socket fixture – whether polished brass, antique brass or polished nickel – Zadai’s Studio builds custom lamps using our extensive inventory of one-of-a-kind lamp parts and accessories.

Lighting restoration and design has been our business since 1991. If you need anything out of the ordinary, we are your source. Whether it’s an acrylic or wood lamp base or cap, custom wood or “tole” designs, or bringing out-of-date pieces back to life – that’s our specialty! We are never too busy to talk with you. Just give us a call to discuss your needs at 706-745-0500

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