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Custom Jade Carving on Acrylic Lamp Base
Custom Inset for Jade Carving on Acrylic BaseCustom Inset Without Jade Carving Mounted on Lucite (acrylic) BaseCustom Acrylic Inset Lamp Base for Jade PieceCarved Marble Head on Beautiful Custom Lucite (acrylic) BaseCustom Inset with Figurine Bump on Lucite (acrylic) BaseSquare Cove Acrylic Base

Custom Lamp Bases

Any shape is possible.  We cut custom insets as you see in the images to the left.  We can bring your design to a reality if you supply us with a drawing or a tracing.  Just give us a call.

(706) 745-0500

Every Lucite base is individually cut, sanded and hand polished for stunning clarity.


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We individually cut each lamp base or cap.  Next, we sand from 80 grit up to 500 grit, and then we polish with a four step method to a obtain a crystal clear finish.  We stock most lamp parts, so we can build the lamp for you.  You can choose your type of cord and its color, also what type of socket you prefer; polished brass, darkened brass or polished nickel.  Your Lucite base and cap will truly add to the brilliance of your lamp or accessory!

Acrylic has other names. Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylite are actual brand names.  We use clear cast acrylic for our caps and lamp bases.

Are you looking for a custom size or shape not listed?  Just give us a call and we will be happy to work with you.   (706) 745-0500



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